The Benefits of Self-Care

The Benefits of Self-Care

Self-care is intentional and mindful consideration towards the overall well-being. There are many ways to practice self-care — from massages, naps, bubble baths, going on a walk, running, yoga, meditation, intentional resting, saying no, not over extending yourself to the needs of others, pedicures, manicures, taking a nap, cleaning the house, journaling, maintaining boundaries, listening to music, to essentially anything that contributes to taking care of yourself holistically.

How does any of these things help us in the long run?

Self care can actually help you health wise by giving a boost to your immune system.

With the actual new year beginning (hello Spring!), we have been busy making sure we make others happy all winter long. Have you taken time out for yourself? 

2019 was the first year that I have incorporated self care intentionally and on a reoccurring basis. As I have mentioned before, I have found a few ways to practice self care and they have helped me remain calm in high stress situations. Saving lives can really be a stressful but it doesn't have to be detrimental to one's own health. 

Candlelight showers & bubble baths (with an amazing self-created Spotify playlist -- let me know if you want me to share my go to), waking up stretching and controlled breathing, positive affirmations and mantras.


As Elizabeth Scott, MS states "We are more RESILIENT & able to handle life's stress when we are feeling our best both physically and emotionally."

Being resilient means you are able to recover quickly but that can only be done when you're in good health. We can't overcome things if we aren't in a good space in all aspects. Self-care is a way we can help ourselves get through the things we can't control.

When I am experiencing high levels of stress or more responsibilities, I pamper myself more, set positive intentions, repeat positive affirmations, and allow myself to be HUMAN. I allow myself to feel the lows but not stay there. 

I allow myself the capacity to express my emotions and then the permission to HEAL from the situation. I give myself time to do that. Personal growth isn't always easy and it isn't always pretty. Sometimes, often times, inner growth involves growing pains.

In a culture filled with #teamnosleep, working overtime, being #bookedandbusy - there's no wonder we are constantly operating from a deficit. 

We need to recharge, relax and unwind before we become unhinged - We do that by putting ourselves first with self care

"You're not a selfish person for taking care of yourself, just a happier one" - Jen Sincero 

Starting today, I encourage you to take a little extra time out for yourself. Be kind to yourself. Speak nicely and positively to yourself. 

How will you practice self care?

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