Self-Care is Taking on a Holistic Vibe

Self-Care is much more than just pedicures, facial treatments, skin care, and retail therapy.

Let's dive deep and unlock true wellness, holistically.

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  • The biggest achievement that I gained from the coaching experience was definitely the development of my daily self-care routine. It is an anchor in my day; it helps me start my day on my terms and close the book on each day so the next can be fresh. I couldn’t have done that without her!

    I would recommend coaching to anyone who feels like they are stagnant, lost or can’t really process their thoughts.

    - Stormy, 27

  • Working with you has strengthened my dedication to maintain self care, follow my heart and dream big! I have learned that even though I know much about self care and self love, it's always helpful to have a coach to help me to re-energize my routine and stay on track. I would recommend Erika to anyone interested in self improvement. She is easy to talk to and supportive. She is a sensitive, perceptive, awesome nurse coach!

    - Denise, 54

  • I gained clarity, a sense of personal accomplishment, and some great insight into ensuring I am celebrating the wins I achieve and not just what lies ahead of me. I’ve polished up on my time management skills, and with the help of these sessions I am gaining insight into how to make sure I am putting myself as a priority.

    - Ariel, 28

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