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In a groundbreaking debut, we proudly present the exquisite self-care box (CROWN edition). Packed with highly sought-after favorites, premium accessories exclusive to this collection are included. Act fast as quantities are limited. Order yours today!

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Self-Care for Your Crown

Strengthening Hair Mist

This revitalizing hair mist combines the strengthening + moisturizing power of calendula with the mesmerizing coconut scent to transform and strengthen every strand.

Deep Strengthening Hair Treatment + Retwist Jelly

Take a trip to paradise and experience the intense moisture and strengthening properties of Calendula + Coconut Strengthening Hair Treatment and Retwist Jelly. Strengthen your hair, restore your scalp, and make those curls + locs ✨pop✨ with a healthy shine. 

Herbal Hair & Body Oil

Indulge in the hair and body paradise of Calendula + Coconut Herbal Oil. This natural blend of calendula and coconut oil repairs and replenishes your hair and scalp. Experience the tender luxurious care of a sensitive formula enriched with organic ingredients to enhance kinks, coils, curls, and nourish locs.


    My skin has started to become sensitive to many products I’ve purchased on the market, over the past few years. Once I got my hands on TRL products, I had to put it to the test. All of the great ingredients, amazing scents, and how it left my hair and skin, PLUS no bad reaction? I was sold. I’ve purchased every new scent TRL has ever came out with. No disappointments whatsoever. My oldest son has eczema and I am able to help him fight that issue. It also worked for us when we had a sunburn! I took my infant out of town and instead of packing a lotion suitable for my children and another for myself, I packed TRL’s oil and it worked for my entire family! My family can always count on TRL’s products. The packaging of the oil is very convenient as well! People always ask what I use on my skin because it’s so soft; as soft as my baby’s. They also ask how I help combat my son’s eczema and how I maintain my healthy hair without being a greasy mess or have itchy scalp. TRL products will always be my go-to. Hands down. THE BEST PRODUCTS. I’m overly obsessed. - Bea


    I had tried so many products over the counter. And maybe only found1 that was right and when I tried to re purchase it was gone. So I was left at square one. The rest would leave my scalp so dry and my hair dry. I would give up on my hair and just cut it.

    But this amazing!

    The first spray I used to just hydrate my hair...already had my hair feeling healthy. I love the lock feature on this spray bottle. It helps me feel like it won't spill if I carry it around with my as part of my essentials. Love love love this product!” - Denisse

  • Reunited

    I’m not sure how I went so long without my beloved Holy Hemp Oil but I am so glad to have it back in my life (my hair/scalp is too)! This will forever be one of my favorite oils and I will continue buying it.
    - Brooklyn


    "This oil has quickly become a staple in my hair and skincare routine. I love the way it feels against my skin. Whenever I use it to moisturize my hair, my scalp soaks it right on up and it helps with my dry scalp." - Jo

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