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Lavender Rose Hydrating Retwist Bundles

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Everything you need to retwist locs 3 steps. Every product made to hydrate your scalp and locs without the build up or the hassle.

For more details, check out the individual product pages for complete breakdown.



Full Retwist Bundle:

- Herbal Loc Oil (4.0 oz) 

- Hydrating Loc Mist (8.5 oz)

- Nourishing Loc Jelly (4.5 oz) 

Loc Maintenance Bundle:

- Herbal Loc Oil (4.0 oz)
- Hydrating Loc Mist (8.5 oz)

Suggested Use:

Step 1: Spray Lavender Rose Mist to scalp and locs daily as needed.

Step 2: Apply dime size of Lavender Rose Jelly to scalp and retwist/style as desired. Let dry fully.

Step 3: Apply Lavender Rose Herbal Oil to scalp as needed 3x per week and massage in.

Step 4: Love your locs (and live your life)

Best For:

Daily Loc Maintenance, Retwisting & Styling. 

Dry, Sensitive Scalp

Suitable for locs in every phase.

Starter Locs
 | Teen Locs | Mature Locs

Key Benefits:

- Intense hydration for scalp and locs

- Moderate hold without build up 

- Soothing & Moisturizing

- Nourishes scalp, eliminates itchiness

- Helps locs grow healthy and strong