4 in 1 Ultimate Hydrator

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This all natural hydrating water uses hand picked rose petals or lavender flower - your choice -  to help calm, soothe and hydrate dry, itchy scalp.

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Rozay Water 

Rose petals are known to reduce dandruff and excess oil while provided moisture and soften the hair. Rose has calming qualities to the scalp and even your mood. The ultimate hydrator is your 4 in 1 from your scalp, hair, skin, to even your mood.

Lavish Water 

Made with  organic lavender flowers, welcome the calming properties not only to your scalp & hair -- but to your environment. Lavender acts an anti-inflammatory and can even decrease anxiety. Wooooo sahhhhhhh. 



Suggested use: 1-3x a week as needed for alleviate dry, itchy scalp and improve moisture of hair overall. May also be used on skin and body. Can be also used for an instant mood boost. 


No dyes, no fragrance added. 


*Note: this product contains no preservatives + all natural product, please keep stored in refrigerator (or freezer for future use).


Ingredients: roses [or] lavender flower + distilled water | 120 mL



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