Flax on Fleek [Re]Twist + Curl Jelly

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This natural flax on fleek jelly is ideal for those who want a wash 'n go, a fresh retwist or the ultimate condition experience and retwist experience. You go-to for your twists & your curls. 

Packed with OMEGA 3s (essential fatty acid), Vitamin B1, Lignans, Fiber & anti-inflammatory properties to support scalp health, eliminate dry, itchy scalp. Keeps hair conditioned and moisturized. Treats and prevents split ends, acute hair loss, dandruff, eczema and frizz. 

・ Your retwist (or bantu knots, braid outs, twists outs, wash & go) go to! On damp hair, apply to scalp and new growth. Retwist as normal - let hair dry or apply heat. No flakes. No build up. Just a nutrient filled retwist, with nice natural shine and lasting hold.

・Apply and use as a deep, penetrating moisturizing treatment on damp - wet hair. Rinse OR Style & Leave it.

Must be kept in cool, dark place (refrigerator)
(Or freeze some until you're ready!)

Every fresh batch is made for every order. 

Available in:

・Original (unscented)

・Champagne Poppin'*

・Midnight Skyy*

・NEW Fineapple Express*

*= invigorating aromas with jojoba + Jamaican black castor oils added in for extra strengthening + protective properties. 


"... I finally tried the flaxseed and I can say I LOVEEEEEE ITTTT THANK YOU for the flaxseed and rose water! ... Best retwist ever." - Locsofmie

"The gel held my retwist well! What I like about the flax on fleek gel the most was how shiny it made my locs! There was also no left over residue. It is an awesome light weight product for retwisting" - Jamilah

"Flax on Fleek gives immediate relief to my dry, flaky scalp. My hair has been growing faster and less split ends." - Phonethira

"Loved using the flax on fleek!! My hair is naturally dry and it provided so much moisture to my hair. I will be buying more of this product!" - Chad

Handmade. Made with love. Vegan. Cruelty Free.