How To Palm Roll Your Locs - 3 Steps!

How To Palm Roll Your Locs - 3 Steps!

Palm rolling has been one of the most traditional methods for retwisting locs. This relatively easy way to maintain your locs is a common choice for lociticians and those who do their locs at home.  One of the benefits of this method is that it is easy to learn - which makes it  one of the reasons many turn to this technique still to this day. You can also palm roll retwist your locs in 3 steps. 

To palm roll your locs at home, you’ll need:
    1. A Fine Tooth Comb - to help maintain parting and gather any loose hairs surrounding your locs
    2. Double Prong or Duck Bill Clips - These are optional depending on where you are in your loc journey but can be very helpful keeping palm roll retwist in place until locs fully dry.  
    3. Light weight, Hydrating Loc Mist - This will help hydrate and add moisture to locs before manipulation. You do not want to retwist dry locs. You can use Rose Water or Lavender Rose Hydrating Scalp & Loc Mist for this step. 
    4. Finally, you'll need a non-alcohol, natural loc gel to help retwist last longer. Plant based, lightweight gels are best to prevent the risk of major build up later on - which is really common among thick and sticky gels/edge control. Having trouble finding the right loc gel for you? Try Lavender Rose Hydrating Scalp & Loc Jelly 
    Palm Rolling The Method
    1. Hydrate and separate locs, clean up parting as needed.
    2. One by one, roll your loc in between the palms of your hands in the usual direct you would retwist (clock wise, or counter clock wise is fine, make sure to keep it consistent. Going back and forth between retwisting directions can cause issues in the future and weak areas in your locs).
    3. Use clips to secure placement until fully dry. 
    • For more details on how you can palm roll your locs, check out Skyy’s video here: 
    How To Retwist Locs | Palm Roll Method

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