Deep Dive into Dominique's Loc Journey

Deep Dive into Dominique's Loc Journey

Dominique is one of the many supporters of The Resilient Lotus.  We gain insight on what inspired her journey and what's the one thing you should consider before starting your loc journey.


"I think it’s pretty cool how you all went from making YouTube videos to creating your own products."

- Dominique ✺ @_magicalbg


The Resilient Lotus: When did you start your locs & what inspired you to start them?

Dominique: I started my locs on July 21, 2017. I started them because I wanted to see how long I could grow my hair. 🙂

TRL: Who do you look up to in the loc community? Do you have anyone who’s locs you admire ?

D: I look up to you, Keisha Charmaine, and Spirit (Big Spirit Energy. I think it’s pretty cool how you all went from making YouTube videos to creating your own products. Also, there was a youtuber called locsunloaded whose hair journey was inspiring.

TRL: Could you tell me what you like about the Mint Condition oil so far? 

D: I really like the smell of it. It’s not too strong. I like using it after working out. It gives my hair a nice clean, but not overwhelming, scent. And also, I really like how hydrated it made my scalp feel. This surprised me, because in the past I have tried peppermint products that were really drying on my hair.

TRL: What’s your favorite product from us?

D: My favorite product is definitely the Holy Hemp Oil. I first tried it in the beginning of my loc journey because my hair and scalp were super dry. I kept searching for a product that would help relieve the dryness. Then i found this oil. It’s very hydrating and lightweight. I feel like it saved my hair, because I was on the verge of cutting my hair off. So, please don’t ever stop making this oil! Lol



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