Jo is a young and inspiring black woman who is contributing to the loc community through social media. We gain insight on what inspired her journey and what's the one thing you should consider before starting your loc journey.


The Resilient Lotus: When did you start your loc journey and what inspired you to start your locs?

Jo: “I started my loc journey October 17, 2017. I was inspired to start my locs by my older cousin. Her hair was down her back & so long and beautiful and I’ve always wanted to be like her. I asked my dad for locs when I was 12 and he said no because I might change my mind and I could get them when I was older. When I left high school I joined the military and they weren’t approved then. So in 2017 when the regulation changed, I loc’d my hair a few months after it became official.”


"It’s easy to see someone’s locs and think my hair should look like that."

- Jo ✺ @beautyandlocz, loc blogger


TRL: What is one thing you learned / gained during your loc journey?

J: "One of the things I’ve learned is that patience is truly key when it comes to your loc journey. I had to learn to appreciate the stage I was at before rushing to get to the next. I also had to learn not to judge my growth and milestones based off someone else’s. It’s easy to see someone’s locs and think “my hair should look like that.” But my crown came with its own challenges due to some heat damage so learning to be patient with myself and locs is the biggest thing I’ve gained since staring this journey."


TRL: What is one thing (or some) you would want share with anyone who is considering getting locs?


J: "If you are considering getting locs, understand that locs are a commitment! Yes, there is the option to cut them or comb them out if you change your mind, but be ready for them. Some people think of locs as a get up and go style and there is such freedom with no having to worry about your hair. This is true once your hair has loc’d but not the case in the beginning! The early stages require you to baby your locs a bit and show them more attention. This is necessary in order to train your hair to loc properly."

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